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Diana, Princess of Wales
1961 - 1997
Postbridge, Dartmoor - where I met the Prince and Princess of Wales on 11th March 1983
Location of Postbridge, Dartmoor
I met Diana when she was newly married when the Prince and Princess of Wales made a private visit to Postbridge, a small hamlet on the outskirts of Dartmoor and part of the Prince's estate - The Duchy of Cornwall. I was at the time staying in the area with a friend when she told me that she had heard that there was going to be a royal visit that afternoon.
We were out on the moors when we heard a whirr of an helicopter engine in the distance, we raced over to the field where the helicopter had landed and when all was made safe, out climbed Prince Charles and his new bride, Diana. We were thrilled at the prospect of meeting the new Princess of Wales who we thought was charming and lovely.
Postcard of Diana, Princess of Wales and youngest bridesmaid Clementine Hambro, Diana's youngest charge at the "Young England Nusery, Pimlico"
Below:- Commemorative First Day Cover or Stamps to mark the life of Diana, Princess of Wales
Right 1:- OK! - the moving tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales
Right 2:- The commemorative book of favourite press photographs by the Princess's favourite photographer - the Sun's Arthur Edwards
HELLO - Commemorative issue to Diana, Princess of Wales
The front page of the Sunday Mirror dedicated to Diana - 7.9.97
OK! - commemorative issue in memory of Diana
A collection of Diana fridge magnets with changeable clothes & accessories
Diana spoke to me and my friend and commented on how her dog must be frightened of the helicopter. How ironic, we thought, because of all things, Diana should have been the one who was afraid - of all the people that had gathered to see her - what a burden to have on those ever so young shoulders. They spoke to a few people and then we watched them take off again.
Left 1:- OK! commemorative issue on Life after Diana for her beloved Sons - William & Harry
Left 2: A set of five attractive postcards to celebrate the life of Diana, Princess of Wales
Diana meant such a lot to the people that she met - even if people didn't actually meet her they thought that they did know her because of the so many kind and wonderful things that she did and because of that from the beginning of her short life, first in the royal family and then to her final days, she attracted much press attention.
In the aftermath of her death, Diana's face has adorned many items. These items are books, magazines, plates, thimbles, glasses, cups, pictures, etc. I have collected many of these items - I would never be forced to part with any of these items because they mean such a lot to me.
Framed Oil-Painting of Diana, Princess of Wales
A commemorative plate to remember the remarkable & irreplaceable Diana
A Montage of Newspaper Cuttings on Diana's untimely and tragic death
A commemorative plate to mark the occasion of Charles and Diana's wedding
A China plate of the complete Wales family
A Gold Ashtray plate to commemorate the life of Diana, Princess of Wales

Some books given to me on my first meeting with my German Penpal August 2003
OK! Magazines moving back page picture
The impact that Diana made on us all - and her beloved Son - Prince William
1961 - 1997


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